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Threat Details Threat Type Date Found
DynHTML.Exploit threat DynHTML.Exploit Trojan Horse 03-29-2002
Dukakis threat Dukakis Virus
DT.6144 threat DT.6144 Virus 09-28-2001
DSNS Network Scanner threat DSNS Network Scanner Security Assessment Tool
DSCE.Demo threat DSCE.Demo Virus 12-15-1995
DrProtection threat DrProtection Misleading Application
DriveCleaner threat DriveCleaner Misleading Application
DrAntiSpy threat DrAntiSpy Misleading Application
Dr&Et.1710 threat Dr&Et.1710 Virus
Dr Watson threat Dr Watson Virus
Downloader.Trojan threat Downloader.Trojan Trojan Horse 04-04-2002
Downloader.Traus threat Downloader.Traus Trojan Horse 07-25-2006
Downloader.Tooncom threat Downloader.Tooncom Trojan Horse 10-27-2003
Downloader.Tagdoor threat Downloader.Tagdoor Trojan Horse 04-03-2004
Downloader.Swif.B threat Downloader.Swif.B Trojan Horse 06-12-2006
Downloader.Swif threat Downloader.Swif Trojan Horse 05-21-2006
Downloader.Sumina threat Downloader.Sumina Trojan Horse 02-22-2005
Downloader.Sniper threat Downloader.Sniper Trojan Horse 12-06-2006
Downloader.SmallWeb.B threat Downloader.SmallWeb.B Trojan Horse 03-20-2004
Downloader.SmallWeb threat Downloader.SmallWeb Trojan Horse 03-20-2004
Downloader.Slime threat Downloader.Slime Trojan Horse 10-12-2003
Downloader.Silentbank threat Downloader.Silentbank Trojan 01-10-2008
Downloader.Revird threat Downloader.Revird Trojan Horse 12-27-2003
Downloader.Reitrec threat Downloader.Reitrec Trojan Horse 01-28-2005
Downloader.Realog threat Downloader.Realog Trojan Horse 12-06-2006
Downloader.Psyme threat Downloader.Psyme Trojan Horse 04-01-2004
Downloader.PSK threat Downloader.PSK Trojan Horse 07-25-2003
Downloader.MSCache threat Downloader.MSCache Trojan Horse 11-15-2003
Downloader.MisleadApp threat Downloader.MisleadApp Trojan 06-11-2007
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