Delete a DLL File the Correct Way

Before you delete any dll file

You must know its location. If your not sure try doing a search for the dll file in mind. So go to start and search and type in the dll file you want to delete.

Once you know where the dll file is you want to back it up before you delete it. So copy it to another location, maybe My Documents or the desktop first.

Now we want to remove the dll from the registry. There is no reason to delete a dll file if your computer is going to think it still exist. This is why we need to unregister the dll file.

Open our article on How to Unregister DLL Files in a new window and when you finish with it come back to this page and follow the directions to delete a dll file.

Once you are sure that you have a valid backup copy you can proceed to delete a dll file. So right click the dll file to be deleted and select delete. This should toss said file into the trash can.

That's is. The dll file has been both deleted and unregistered, so no record of it now exist on the computer.

Double check your Work

Open up any and all applications that you think may have used that dll file you just wiped of the face of the earth. If you get an error then you need to reinstall that application it problably was using that dll file. This happens sometimes. Atleast with the app reinstall you are sure to get a valid dll file and not one that may have been replaced by a virus, trojan, or spyware.